The work weather forecast.
The 7th of october is the world day of “decent working” all around the world.

This year the focus was made on young workers employment.

The Challenge was to raise awareness throughout ministers of Labour all around the world concerning the perspective of employment of young workers.

We answer in creating an online interactive visualization tool that gives a quick simple look of the employment future state by using the codes of meteorology.

We call it:
Or objective was to simplify the vision of works possibilities in each country but also give the opportunity to everyone to be in relation with their ministers.

The online page present the state of every country base on gathered known data and further down a small platform of their ministers tweeter account, their facebook, and/or their mail adress.
In one day more than 14000 people visit the site and 25% send a message to their ministers creating some positive feed back from the ministers.

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