Using real people and real moves, the new Move Your Lee® FW16 campaign has a fresh approach, dynamic concept, and – for the first time – a whole new way to connect with our consumer.

In a 90 seconds film, nine mini movies, and a wealth of slick imagery, real dancers and models wearing the Lee® FW16 collection show us their moves. It’s unchoreographed, unstyled, and unexpected. Everyone expresses themselves in their own way.

Diverse, young, and energetic, each short film is the ultimate selfie, a slow-motion capture of human creativity let loose.

These mini movies will hit digital platforms, cinema spots, and digital billboards, along with a magazine and poster campaign on subways, trams and buses in handpicked locations across Europe.

Getting people moving and sharing is exactly what Move Your Lee® is all about. This Fall/Winter ‘16 is about being true to yourself, celebrating your creativity, and moving in your own way.

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