Provamel is a plant-based organic food proposition that offers drinks, alternatives to yogurt, desserts and creams. The brand keeps at heart the fundamentals of positive choices for our health, our environment and for animals. Provamel is a pioneer plant-based brand and always keeps improving since 1983.

Today, Satisfaction has been asked to create a brand communication platform for the company. The #trustyourfood campaign is a first expression of this new platform. It translates Provamel’s commitment to restore and encourage trust between the consumer and food thanks to who they are, how they think and above all, what they do.

The brand identity reflects strong values such as transparency, commitment and “keeping only what matters” in. In a bold and straightforward execution.

Provamel’s philosophy and way of acting are part of the food industry’s future. It can make the difference and be an inspiring example for the whole Danone group.

The change starts here and now.

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